How to prepare well for CUET PG?

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Do you often come across such questions while preparing for CUET exams?
How to prepare well for CUET PG?

How to master your subject?

Here are some key takeaways :

  • First understand the paper pattern which can be understood by observing the different universities previous five year question papers. After going through the different papers, you can see what are the common topics from which questions are frequently asked.
  • While observing you may come across different types of questions like match making questions, statement reasoning , true false questions.

Thus, by looking at the topic, try to understand what type of questions are being asked from that topic, and what type of questions are more likely to form from that particular topic .

  • Study your Subject according to the syllabus provided. Divide the subject topic wise,
  • Study the subject completely before the exam, READ and UNDERSTAND the important topics carefully.In this way you will be completely prepared for your examination.

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